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Mobility Corner Archive - Spinal Cord Injury

Please enjoy our archive of items regarding spinal cord injury.

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January 9, 2009
Spinal Cord Injury Nursing Advice
Categories:Spinal Cord Injury

Craig Hospital is nationally recognized as having one the best health care programs for people with SCI. As a result, the hospital fields health-related phone calls daily from people living with the injury both in Colorado and around the country. Calls also come from family members trying to help and health care providers who need expert advice from Craig’s specialized staff. To address these health-related calls, the outpatient clinic at Craig Hospital just launched the Spinal Cord Injury Nursing Advice Line. (...)

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July 5, 2008
Switching to a Power Wheelchair
Categories:Spinal Cord Injury, Wheelchairs


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June 13, 2008
Spinal cord injury no bar to parenthood
Categories:Spinal Cord Injury


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June 5, 2008
Locomotor Training Restores Walking Function In Child With Spinal Cord Injury
Categories:Spinal Cord Injury, OT/PT


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April 8, 2008
A cyclist's uphill battle to get his life back
Categories:Spinal Cord Injury


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